No More Hats Hair Studios

Restoring Beauty from the Inside Out

Why No More Hats?

I am often asked two questions…“What does No More Hats mean”? And “Why would you name your salon No More Hats?”

To me, styling hair is more a ministry than a profession. To me, it is part of spiritual growth, renewal, and transformation. It’s about bringing out your inner beauty and radiance, building up your self-confidence and helping you to feel good about yourself, enhancing what you already have and making you feel loved and special.

Hair style and design is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself.

Just like true happiness is part of the journey but the end is contentment which can lead to Joy. Often when there is pain, insecurity, shame, emptiness, fear, anger etc. people put on masks, hide behind veils, or they "put on hats". This is often a front to others as we pretend everything is great, because we are afraid to be vulnerable or deal with the issues in our life head on. The potential is there but we need a little help to release the radiance inside.

As we go through the wilderness of life, we find that challenges help to mature, grow and strengthens our spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical muscles. These challenges help to prune and prepares us for what's to come, that next phase of life.    

Once the transformation is complete you break through that shell, that flower emerges through that bud, you tear that veil, you crush that mask, and then you fling your hat and exclaim "No More Hats." My heart is to be a part of your journey, me for you, and you for me! Before, During and After...

it's more than getting your hair done, it's about you exclaiming "No More Hats."

Joy Barnes

Master Cosmetologist